Want to become a co-owner of the top new theme park in the Netherlands?

We are looking for investors who are passionate about free time, entertainment and adventure.

Invest in Movero World

Discover new worlds, relieve tension, enjoy some delicious food and drink, meet together, go walking, play… whether you are just looking or actively participating: there is always something to enjoy in Movero World.

Why invest?

A distinctive concept

Movero World is a distinctive theme park in the south of the Netherlands. A legitimate, promising project that incorporates several visitors’ concepts, which means that we will have plenty to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Movero Park, Movero Events and Movero Business operate different target groups from a single centre.
The Movero World concept is unique compared to existing parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Anyone may enter the park free of charge, but each attraction visited must be paid for, which is of course supplemented by income from the catering facilities. The more people who come, try out our rides and enjoy our park, the more successful Movero World will be. And the greater the success for our investors!


The park consists of different destinations, activities, catering facilities, a castle for events and business events and the Family Entertainment Center (FEC). The FEC offers a wide range of indoor facilities such as bowling, glow-in-the-dark golf, video games and a 4D theatre, providing our visitors with excellent service whatever the weather.

Distinctive catering

In addition to being an adventurous journey, Movero World is also a culinary journey for its visitors. We present cuisines from around the world that offer pure, rich tastes and combine this with the attractions in the park. We set ourselves apart by using high-quality products that will please everyone. Fresh and sustainable. We are therefore creating an overall experience around each attraction that appeals to the consumer and is unique in the industry. The extensive catering facilities are available to both visitors to the park and nearby holiday-makers.

A well-thought-out plan

Movero World’s business plan has been formulated and calculated in collaboration with Alfa Accountants, ZKA for market analysis and feasibility studies and M2Leisure. If you want to find out more, leave us your details and we will be happy to tell you more.

Become an explorer!

Experience the world in different way. Go together on a voyage of discovery, get behind the wheel, step into extraordinary stories and enjoy the tastiest cuisines.

The story

An extraordinary diary comes to life (and you are right at the heart of it!).

There was once a young lady who lived on a grand estate and her name was Lady Amalia. Surrounded by castle walls and staff, she had every luxury she could wish for, but something was missing: adventure!

As a little girl, Lady Amalia dreamed of discovering far-away, foreign places. She set off into the big wide world, looking for new places, aromas, colours, people and stories. Once she had returned to her castle, she then wrote and drew everything that she had discovered on paper. It was her dream to share all her adventures with other people, on her estate. Now – around 150 years later – that dream is becoming a reality, on her own estate, and everyone is welcome!

The Heart of Movero World

Movero World believes that it’s not enough simply to ‘offer’ people something. You need to allow people to participate, actively involve them in your park. Offer a complete concept, a place where you can spend a morning, afternoon, day or several days – for both personal and business purposes.
The ‘day out’ of the future is interactive, adventurous, involves multimedia, hospitable and tailored to the individual – whether you are visiting the theme park for the day with your grandma and granddad, a concert with friends or a conference with your business contacts.

Movero World is the place where you receive what you expect, as well as surprising you with a whole load of extras.

What we promise our visitors

1. Feel welcome!

You will experience it as soon as you enter the park; Movero World has an almost powerless form of hospitality. In addition to the genuine friendliness of our staff, we believe it’s crucial that visitors have an unforgettable day. The free entry to the park is another excellent example of our openness, offering the visitor unprecedented freedom of choice.

2. An active day out

Movero World doesn’t have any spectators; only participants. People are drawn into the story of Amalia and follow in her footsteps. All aspects of the park focus on allowing visitors to experience the different stories in Movero World in an active way.

3. Adventure

What would it be like to drive through the jungle of Peru looking for a secret package or to tag along with a gold prospector in the USA? As a visitor to Movero World, you go on a voyage of discovery and relive the adventurous times of Amalia as if you were there yourself.

4. All together

Movero World believes that you experience greater pleasure if you do things together and keep active. We use technology to make a visit extra special. It will even be possible to organise joint competitions using an app and to challenge one another, even if you are not physically in the park.

Movero Park, Event, Business

Movero Park

Lady Amalia’s diary and her adventures come to life in Movero Park. Go on a voyage of discovery and experience the stories from her diary, visit those places with their exceptional scenery, attractions, characters, colours, aromas and tastes – partly outdoors and partly covered. Movero Park can be visited at any time!

The visitor in control

Movero Park is full of rides. Together with your friends, family or colleagues, you step into electric vehicles that steer you through different landscapes: quad bikes, amphibious vehicles, buggies and much, much more. Interactive and adventurous, you sit behind the steering wheel. On different routes, you will come across the same discoveries as Lady Amalia did during her travels. One moment you will be riding a tuk-tuk through the Asian jungle, the next you will be crossing the Rocky Mountains in an American buggy. Every story and every destination has its own ride and it is told by a different character.

Whether to go left across the suspension bridge or right through the river – it’s up to you. In Movero World, you are a participant rather than a spectator!

Delicious food and drink

If you are on a voyage of discovery, you will need something to eat and drink. In Movero World, you can enjoy our excellent catering facilities. Fresh and sustainable. We present cuisines with pure, rich flavours from different places in the world. Your Movero World experience will end in a park where you will be able to eat and drink some really delicious produce.

Movero Event

The Movero World site (indoor and outdoor) is very suitable for organising a wide range of events, such as concerts, music festivals, trade fairs, conferences and corporate events.

Lady Amalia’s castle

The castle with its imposing drive has a high-quality à la carte restaurant in which we work with the best local ingredients. The wooded environment and the surroundings of the castle itself also make it a particularly suitable location for wedding celebrations.

Movero Business

In order to be able to serve the business market, there are various locations that have meeting facilities, rooms for product presentations, seminars and conferences. If you add our culinary services and attractions in Movero Park, we are able to provide all the ingredients that are necessary for corporate work and relaxation.

This is what Movero World is going to look like

These are the initial drafts and impressions of attractions in Movero World. Do you have the same vision?
Soon you will be able to discover it for yourself!

Passion for amusement parks

Passion for amusement parks

Movero World is the idea of Bert Wolters, who sold his business in 2012 and decided to make his dream a reality. He travelled all over the world with his daughter to visit amusement parks and theme parks – something that both of them feel passionately about.

Travelling and sharing experiences

Once they had returned to the Netherlands, they realised what a nice time they had had together. The attractions and activities where you are together, work together and discover together were the ones that they remembered in particular. These experiences inspired Bert to translate his and his daughter’s experiences into a unique theme park.

Movero World is the best of different worlds, where you actively experience the best adventures together, just like Bert and his daughter did during their trip, and just like Lady Amalia did during her travels and discoveries.

“I want to offer people a fantastic experience that allows them to escape from the hecticness of everyday life.”

Bert Wolters: founder of Movero World

A unique opportunity for you?

Our enthusiastic co-investors recognise the possibilities of this new theme park; do you? We are looking for enthusiastic co-investors who wish to invest €250,000 or more for a very attractive return. A number of options are available. We will be happy to tell you more about the ROI, and Movero World’s long-term prospects and guarantees.